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100 Push-Up Challenge

100 Push-ups, what can it do to you? You may all have heard of this challenge, but does it really work? See here what happens if you do the challenge in this video.

Sleeping Hacks

Sleeping can also be a big struggle. You can’t find the right position or your mind won’t let you rest. But here is a guide on how to hack your way into a baby like rest.

Sleep like a Baby

Learn the best way to sleep and wake more energized than ever

Doctors Notes the Lil Miracle Workers

If you are anything like me, you will have faced moments in your life when you needed a little break from work or a doctors note that meant you could have a little extra time to prepare for a school or college exam. I have found a number of excellent examples of a Dr. excuse template that have made it easy for me to get a little extra time to avoid work or a busy time at school.  I have always used the website of to ensure high quality and authentic looking notes to present at work. It never fails me, 6 out of 6, it really works.

For me the chance to make the most of my life far outweighed any other option or dilemma I may have had. The fact is that when you know a Dr. who is willing to fill in the necessary forms and give you excuses to miss work or school things are simple. I don’t have doctors willing to provide me with ready made excuses to miss busy days at work or to allow me to extend a vacation for a few extra days. Instead I have to find free physician’s docs template and make up my own excuse.

For myself I have used a few good examples of how to make up a believable excuse that will have few long term consequences or mean my employer or old school principal will be looking for major symptoms in the future. Instead, the best option is to do a little research and make sure your excuse fits into the time frame you have been away from work or school for. I have found that a doctors note sample should be mundane to be believable, finding a random medical condition will arouse suspicion and questions. Keep it simple and an excuse for missing work or a few days of school will be accepted quickly and easily. If you want a dr excuse for work, there are many options.

Best health exxcuse

doctors notes sample


Although we like to have a relaxing vacation, we still don’t want to lose our job. So, we need to be extra careful in using a fake doctor’s note because some of it, which are offered for free in some websites, prove to be troublesome since they get spotted very quick! If I were you, purchase a paid notes than going for a free one. Everything has value now, even the time we need to relax. You should visit for a trusted supplier of such documents.

In case, you might want another source of doctors excuse notes, then go to for more interesting information.

This is where you can check out a cool site about fraud yet convincing physician excuse. The price and process of acquiring it are being discussed on this site. You will be given instructions and reviews about the products and services they offer.

Welcome to Camelot International


Camelot…..the very name conjures up visions of chivalry and magic, romance and adventure. Back in the mists of time, halfway between history and myth, there came a man to lead his people to glory – Arthur. Under the guidance of Merlin he drew the mighty sword “Excalibur” from the stone and won the crown.

The magical legend has gripped the imagination of successive generations. With knightly fellowship our quest to offer you world class properties began in England and is sweeping the globe.

Through Camelot you are treated to a tempting array of dream destinations awaiting your discovery.

Who are Camelot International?

Camelot International is an accommodation specialist based in Bedfordshire, England, and with offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 1985 we have been providing accommodations and special tours to many of the world’s leading travel agencies and membership clubs.

Camelot International’s global distribution systems (GDS’) allows the information about hotels that we represent to be accessed, and reservations made through over 300,000 travel agent terminals worldwide.

Camelot International are as well known for their attention to clients needs as their website – which is used by schools and colleges all over the world.

History in Motion


Telstar and British Pathe Films have joined with Camelot International to bring you “History in Motion” – a collection of clips from their “Year to Remember” video catalogue. With over 300 film clips available covering nearly every year from 1924 to 1995, this is a unique opportunity to view history as it was reported by Pathe Films.  The clips are presented in Quicktime, and so if you don’t have the quicktime plug-in installed in your browser then you can use the link on the right to download the latest version.

Camelot Village

Birds – Turtles & the Pond Monster of Camelot Village

Camelot by Richard Burton

I grew up loving this song.

Project Camelot

Very interesting video on Project Camelot.

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