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Geoffrey Chaucer

chaucerBorn: c.1340 Died: 1400

Acknowledged by many as the ‘Father of English Poetry’ Geoffrey Chaucer came to fame through the much vaunted ‘Canterbury Tales’. Chaucer was a prolific writer and is to many on a par with the greats that have succeeded him in putting pen to paper. The ‘Canterbury Tales’ is a worthy indication of his ability the depict the emotions and ‘reality’ of a group of pilgrims made up from all sides of fourteenth century society. Though Chaucer is found to be difficult to read, the language being so different from modern day English, the beauty and precision of his works are not lost to the more experienced reader.

Chaucer was a member of the Royal court of the time. He was an ambassador to Flanders, France and Italy. His marriage is thought to have been not among the happiest and perhaps his writings are a gift from his contempt for his own private circumstance? To his eternal glory he became the first of England’s poets to find his last resting place in Westminster Abbey.

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