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Oliver Cromwell

downloadOliver Cromwell was a pious man from the county of Huntingdon. He achieved both fame and power through his increasing involvement in the defeat of King Charles the First by the forces of Parliament in the 1640’s.

Cromwell had become loathing of the King’s excesses in line with many of the ‘common’ people of the time. He served in the English Civil War under Sir Thomas Fairfax and his brilliant leadership and formation of the ‘New Model Army’ led to political power which some ten years earlier would have been deemed fanciful. With his dictatorship, for that is what it was, the Commonwealth was born. Cromwell was not slow in confronting his enemies and his military methods in dealing with his enemies, in Ireland especially, are notorious. He was also unforgiving to those who sought frivolity before god.

His ‘reign’ was from 1653-58 with the title of ‘Lord Protector’ being conferred upon him.

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