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Why Wash Your Hands?

Hand hygiene is described by many health care workers as the single most important tool in preventing the spread of healthcare-associated infections between patients.

According to WHO, there are few definitive data on the patient-care activities that are most likely to transmit bacteria to health care worker (HCW) hands, but there have been several studies that identified many possibilities.

There are many easy ways to keep the hands clean. The common methods used in many workplaces include the use of sufficient soap and water or good alcohol-based sanitizers when water is not easily accessible. It will be easier to take hand washing more seriously when we know the benefits of keeping the hands clean as much as possible and also keeping the environments properly sanitized.

Knowing the positive impact of hand washing on your life and family generally is a good motivating factor to keep up with good hygienic habits. Below are the most important benefits of hand washing you should take note of:
Creating a safer working environment for medical staff and the patients
Prevention of diarrhea and uncomfortable intestinal diseases
Avoidance of common eye infections
Obstruction of respiratory tract infections
Reduction of the bacteria content on your hands
Keeping your workplace free from bacteria

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